We have tried to cover all queries generally asked by participants. However if we miss something specific, kindly ask it in Get in Touch section.


Participants willing to perform in front of various audiences at IAMS shall register their request under Booking Section. Participants selected for performance will be contacted/ notified separately. Participants are advised to upload copy their proposed act in form of video/ audio/ text with request.

Participants willing to volunteer at IAMS shall register their request under Booking Section. Participants selected for volunteer will be contacted/ notified separately.


User may book required number of IAMS Souvenirs and Merchandise from eshop section. User may opt for delivery of purchased stuff at IAMS venue on arrival.

The publisher shall submit list of all literature other than Vedic Literature and Arya Samaj Literature to The Organizers and take prior approval. Such literature may be allowed for research by Arya Scholars. If Any unapproved literature found at any stall at IAMS will confiscated and will not be returned.

Any registered user may book Stalls at Literature Market of IAMS for selling literature and promotional material. Stalls can also be booked at Food Court for selling hygienic vegetarian food.

Participants can book any Tour Package under Booking Section as per their choice.

Participants can book seat for performing Vedic Sanskars at IAMS under Booking Section. One seat is meant for one person. However his family may sit along during performance of the Sanskar.

Participants can book seat for becoming Yajman at IAMS under Booking Section. One seat is meant for one couple (2 persons). Participants may choose any available language in the list in which Yagya will be performed. Mantra part will be in Sanskrit and Instruction part will be in selected language.

Participants may download Mobile Apps of Cab Companies operating in Delhi and book Cabs as per requirement.

Participants can book paid Accommodation as per their choice under Booking section. Participant will receive Booking Confirmation by email. Participant shall produce this Confirmation at Awaas Counter at IAMS Venue and get Accommodation details.


Wristbands are made of special polymer and can’t be torn unless done intentionally. However if it happens, participant (accompanied by Group Leader) shall visit Registration Block and get duplicate band issued by paying Rs.25.

Yes. Entry in various Halls, Rishi Langar, etc. will depend on color of the Wristband. Any person found without Wristband will be expelled from IAMS compound immediately.

Complete Registration Process :

1. User shall create account on IAMS website.

2. Click on preregistration and read the instructions carefully.

3. Fill the details of first group and group leader.

4. Then add group members one by one. A maximum of 50 group members can be added in single group.

5. Create more groups as per requirement.

6.  Then fill Accommodation and Transportation details as per each group’s requirements.

7. User will receive Pre Registration Acknowledgement Slip with Code by Email after some time. Print the Pre-Registration Acknowledgement Slip.

8. Group may reach at IAMS 2018 Venue between 24-10-2018 10 am to 28-10-2018 10 am. Group Leader shall show this code at Online Registration Counter and Collect Identity Cards / Wristbands.

9. Registration Process is complete.

Pre Registration can be done at the comfort of home without spending any time at IAMS Registration Block. Pre Registration facility on the website is provided for facilitating faster Final Registration at IAMS Venue.

Yes. Every participant must register himself at Registration Block before entering the IAMS compound.


29 IAMSs have been organized since First IAMS in 1927 organized at Delhi, India.

Swarn Jayanti Park situated at Rohini (North West Delhi) is well connected with Delhi Metro Rail Network. It is situated in vicinity of last stations of 2 different Metro Rail Lines. Participants shall get off respective Metro Train at Rithala Station of Red Line or Samaypur Badli Station of Yellow Line. Free transport to ferry participants to IAMS venue will be available there. Participants may use E-rikshaw available at nominal charge of Rs. 10 per person to reach IAMS venue.

Most of the facilities are made available for free by The Organizers. However participants may have to pay for availing some premium facilities as per their choice.

For example : General Accommodation is free for all participants. However, if some participant wants stay at the Hotel, then he has to pay charges for it.

No. The participation in any IAMS is totally free.

Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (SAPS, apex body of Arya Samaj) is the organizer of the IAMS. SAPS organizes IAMS in collaboration with its subordinate local Arya Pratinidhi Sabha.

IAMS is the mega congregation of Arya Samaj Followers coming from around the world.