Arya Samaj being a non-profit non-government organization has no means other than donations from generous donors to fund its activities.

Around 2 lakh delegates are expected to participate in this 4 day mega event of IAMS 2018. Mere free Lodging and Boarding of such huge masses requires adequate infrastructure. Food, Accommodation, Transportation, installation of various halls, etc. require huge sum of money.

The organizers can only organize such a mega event with the assistance of generous donations from members of the community. Without these donations, successful organizing would not be possible. Since the organizers rely on the generosity of individuals/institutions like you, we appeal to ask you to consider beneficent donation to our cause.

All donations made to “Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha” are eligible for deduction under Sec 80G of Income Tax Act.

By Hand
Donations can be remitted through Crossed Cheque, Demand Draft or Cash.

By Post
Donations can be remitted through Crossed Cheque or Demand Draft.

Direct deposit in IAMS Bank Account
Donors may directly NEFT, RTGS, deposit Cash or Crossed Cheque in IAMS Bank Account.

Online Donation
Donors may donate online using Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.

Food Donation
Donors may also donate Food Ingredients like Desi Ghee, Refined oil, Sugar, Wheat flour, Rise, Milk, etc. at IAMS Venue.

Relevant Receipts will be sent to donors with in 7 days of receiving the donation.